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Getting that SHOT makes the BEST memory!

It's the day that will burn bright in your memories until the end of time. I will not only capture all the joy, excitement, and unique details that surround that singular event, I will deliver it so that the memory stays alive forever.

NFL Hall of Fame

Img 6503

This photo was inducted into both the NFL Hall of Fame and Sports Museum at the Boston Gardens with the WFA Division 1 2021 championship team, The Boston Renegades.

Kim Jamison Is the official photographer for the Mile High Blaze and for the WFA National Championships! She takes phenomenal pics and processes them so quickly! Her ability to catch “the shot” is simply amazing. She can turn around and create an artistic impression that changes everything! Kim is always willing to do what you need! I HIGHLY recommend Kim Jamison Photography for way too many reasons to list here! Lastly, I am always willing to speak with anyone that may have a question regarding Kim’s work! ~ Wyn Flato

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